My parents did not have insurance.

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I’ve been in the financial services industry since I left school. I specialise in personal insurance, for very personal reasons.

What is your story…

My mum died when I was nine. My dad had his first heart attack two years later. We didn’t have any insurance. Life was tough. People tell me that insurance is boring. Well, so is poverty. And it lasts a lot longer.

When I first started in insurance, I was taught by a salesman. He told me, “Nobody wants life insurance, so you have to sell it to them”. So, I became a seller of insurance. About two years later, one of my clients needed a heart valve replacement. He had a trauma policy and it paid out. While he was in hospital recovering, his boss tried to fire him. He told me, “That money literally saved our house.”

What he told me fundamentally changed how I work. I realised that what I do for my clients can have significant consequences. From that day, I stopped selling and started advising.

I’ve seen the benefits of insurance first-hand, with both family and friends. I’ve also, sadly, seen the impact on people of not having a trusted adviser to guide them through the maze that our financial services world has become.

I see my role as providing the best possible advice that I can and to educate my clients so that they can make an informed decision.

If you want expert advice and be able to make an informed decision, please contact me.