Insurance helps you or your family financially in times of crisis.

What will happen if you die, or your partner dies, and the family lose their main income? What will happen if a family member has a heart attack, stroke or other major illness, and is not able to work? Apart from losing this income, the sick family member might need the care of another family member, which can result in further loss of income.

There are many situations that can have a major impact on your life and income. The right insurance cover gives you peace of mind. When illness or other trauma affects your family, you don’t have to worry about money.

Insurance is not designed to make you rich, but to buy you time to cope with a difficult situation you encountered.

I make insurance understandable and tailored to your needs and budget.

My job is to empower you to make informed decisions. We’ll discuss what you want to happen if you lose your health, your life or your income.

I will research the best solutions for your circumstances – this saves you time. The report I’ll present to you offers different options for your situation – I try my best to make sure it is written in a way that is easy to understand.

You decide how you want to look after yourself and your family, and I’ll explain the best solution at affordable premiums, and put your preferred insurance cover into place.

Regular reviews of your insurance cover are crucial. Over the years the mortgage might be paid down, the children grow up. A relationship breaks down, and you start a new family. When life changes dramatically insurance is often forgotten.

Many people don’t know what they are insured for, or who the beneficiary is of their insurance. Insurance premiums keep rising, yet cancelling all insurance is not the only option.

I can create insurance reduction plans that adjust your insurance cover to reflect your current situation and budget. As you age premiums rise, but the need for cover might decrease at the same time. If you reduce the cover the premiums automatically decrease too.

Don’t have Insurance?

Contact Mark for an obligation free discussion during which he will advise you on what you need for your situation and come up with the best possible solution.