What my clients say about my service

As I look around in awe at my brand new home I know I owe Mark Lynch huge, and grateful, thanks.

It was eighteen months ago I first met Mark and his passion for people, and making sure that a person is insured for their best interests, has allowed me to enjoy this freedom.

When Mark assessed my then current insurances, in 2014, he immediately saw that two I had been paying for, for twenty years, were very unlikely to give me any effective cover should something untoward happen. He arranged for these payments to be amalgamated into a different type of insurance and I actually ended up paying a little less than I had been.

Who would have guessed that just six months after taking out the new insurance an operation was required that could have been devastating, financially, had Mark not rearranged things when he did.

Due to Mark’s care, and diligence, I have been able to move into my home with no debt at all. NOT that I would recommend going through what I did health-wise (haha), but things worked out extremely positively and they wouldn’t have, had I delayed making my decision to consult Mark…. Call him NOW.

Judith Paterson


We have known Mark Lynch for about 5 years as an advisor and friend. Mark’s sound financial guidance has insured that our financial matters have been well looked after. His advice has included information on mortgages and insurances. Mark is open, honest and his personal integrity is without reproach. We have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anybody wanting sound and prudent advice from a well-respected and knowledgeable person.

Dave & Jude Randell


We have had an association with Mark for approx. 7 years now. During that time Mark has provided sound financial advise to us on a number of financial options for our family. Mark explains all aspects of financial planning to us regardless of our financial knowledge, helping us to achieve our desired outcome.

Mark is methodical, professional, and performs with the utmost integrity to provide a personal service second to none. We have recommended him on many occasions previously and have no hesitation in continuing to do so.

Lisa & Ian Butler


Mark Lynch was our insurance adviser for a number of years and in that capacity he was one of the best we ever met. He was always easy accessible, knowledgeable and his integrity beyond doubts. Mark was always on top, finding the best solution for every situation, and always initiating contact when he thought it was required. Before that, and since then we’ve never had a similar experience with other insurance advisers. We look forward to working with Mark again.

Ben Louis & Adriana van Bunschoten


Mark is inspirational. After just one discussion with Mark we began to finally understand insurance (beyond your basic car, home and contents) and why we should care about it. After several years with Mark we are feeling confident about insurance, this is thanks to Mark. His time with us has been second to none. He takes the time to get to know you and your situation, and to provide information and explanation. After you have thought about everything, and asked any questions, he’s there to guide and help you put in place cover based on your decisions.

His focus every time we have met has always been us, we always come away feeling like we are his only clients because he is thorough and you always have his undivided attention. He’s one of those great people who are always considering the ‘better way’.

We love the annual review, inevitably there is something that needs a small tweak and so this sit down keeps the detail fresh in our minds. We appreciate Mark’s approach, the time he has spent with us each year, and how empowered we now feel because he has taught us so much over that time. If you don’t know why you need to talk to someone about insurance Mark is the person for you. If you want to understand so you can make decisions that are right for you, Mark is your go to person. If you want to make sure your insurance is always current so it reflects the changes in your life, talk to Mark. Mark Lynch has the qualities we look for in friends – he cares, he will keep in touch, he’s there to help with what is best for you – we feel so lucky to have found these in him as our insurance professional.

Richard & Debbie Hallam