Excelins is a play on the word “excellence”, because in my industry anything short of excellence can have disastrous consequences.

Excelins in advice: I will review what sort of cover you have in place now, and remind you of what exactly you are covered for. I will make sure you are aware of all the risks you are facing and empower you to make the right decision on what risks to cover.

Excelins in product: I will find the best product to suit your specific needs. I will give you a written report with my recommendation in plain English. I will make sure that you understand exactly what I am recommending and why.

Excelins in service: I will contact you every year to review your insurance in case your situation has changed.

Excelins at claim time: I will be there to help you with claims when things go wrong.

Excelins is all about getting my clients the best deal possible. I understand that you have plenty of choices. I also understand the disastrous consequences that can happen if things are not done right.

As a valued client of Excelins, you can expect:

  • I will do what I say I will do. If I can’t for some reason I will let you know;
  • Honest advice about the BEST options for you. When giving advice, I will take into account costs, quality of insurance products and value;
  • I am on your side; I work for you, not the insurance companies. I am not tied to any one insurer, so I really can find the best cover for you;
  • I will always communicate with you throughout the process;
  • I stand behind the advice and work I do for you;
  • I provide professional, friendly & consistent service;
  • And occasionally, an off-coloured joke. My sense of humour will grow on you!